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Projects that I've been involved in!


American Theatre Magazine

HOUSTON: Rec Room Arts has announced Sound Scripts Project, a nine-part series of audio plays. The projects will include interviews with the playwrights and directors, as well as insight into the play development process.

PLAYBILL: Alley's 2020 All New Festival

Olivia Clement,

Houston's Alley Theatre will showcase six new plays throughout January as part of its 2020 All New Festival.

Two plays, Theresa Rebeck's Enlightened and Katie Bender's Survivors, An Alamo Play, will receive workshop productions. 

Completing the lineup are Pictures from Home by Sharr White, The Aves by Jiehae Park, High School Play: A Nostalgia Fest by Vichet Chum, and Nutshell by C. Denby Swanson.

Rec Room Arts announces Sound Scripts Series

Broadway World

The Audio Producer for Sound Scripts is Gage Baker, Sound Designer is Tommy Truelsen, Stage Managers are Allison Viera and Meagan Smallwood.

Leslie Swackhammer, Lily M. Wolff, Mekeva McNeil, Rachel Dickson, and Ismael Lara have signed on to direct and workshop the plays. A group of 40 actors (include)...Susan Koozin (Exit Strategy), Brandon Morgan (The Royale; Pass Over), and Greg Dean (Exit Strategy; Woyzeck), as well as newcomers Alice Gatling (Ensemble Theatre; Alley Theatre), Dylan Godwin (Alley Theatre), and Chris Hutchison (Alley Theatre).

Texas Monthly: "A New Quixote Adaptation Reimagines The Borderlands"

Michael Agresta, Texas Monthly

Octavio Solis: "It feels like I’m making this Quixote a warrior for people who have no voice, for people who are disenfranchised. He stands for the uninsured, the unemployed, and the undocumented, for people who are oppressed, for people who are poor...that was actually true of Quixote in the novel, so when you update it and you center it along the border, it takes a very different cast. It feels like he’s speaking for the people that have been demonized, that have been caged, that have been disenfranchised simply because they speak a different language or because they look different."

Houston Chronicle: "Best Houston Theatre 2019"

Wei-Haun Chen, Houston Chronicle

"I loved this play. It was a terrific drama about three characters wrestling with age and health. It was also a timely moral examination on our relationship with our environment — and how we should take responsibility if we mess things up. Playing three former nuclear scientists tasked with a difficult decision, Susan Koozin, John Feltch and Sally Burtenshaw showed off terrific chemistry with one another."

Documentary: Faking Volkswagen's Dieselgate Apology

Motherboard - Vice News

After over 20 years in prankster activism, The Yes Men turn their sights on Volkswagen—making the public "apology" from the company that they say should have happened years ago.

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